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Junk Genius: Stylish Ways to Reinvent Everyday Objects

Junk Genius: Stylish Ways to Reinvent Everyday Objects

ISBN: 1908170832

Title: Junk Genius: Stylish Ways to Reinvent Everyday Objects

Author: Juliette Goggin,Stacy Sirk

KDL Description:


Stylish ways to reinvent everyday objects with over 80 projects and ideas.

Amazon Description:

In Junk Genius, you will find highly rewarding and money-saving repurposing projects, and discover why making your own is a trend well worth exploring. Juliette Goggin and Stacy Sirk have created over 40 projects using items you can easily find or might already have. Discover creative ways to use glass and old crates as well as no end of uses for paper, including crafting with wallpaper, stamps and old photos. Add something different to your household with a range of light fittings made from colanders and even jelly moulds! Transform old keys into a range of items, from jewellery to door handles. Finally, try making unwanted jumpers into cosy pillow covers. Whether you are a beginner or experienced crafter, you will learn to hunt out and see the potential in a whole range of items, and be inspired to transform your treasure trove of useable raw materials into stunning new accessories for your home. Taps into the popular upcycling market, appealing to those just discovering a love of crafting, as well as those rediscovering long-forgotten crafting skills.