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The Originals

The Originals

ISBN: 1401203558

Title: The Originals

Author: Dave Gibbons

KDL Description:

Eisner Award Winner
Neither a science-fiction story nor set in a mundane reality, The Originals takes place in a world both familiar and strange, where the young are angry, loyal and fight for what they believe in. And the only thing more important than who your friends are is who your friends hate.

Amazon Description:

Dave Gibbons is one of the most recognised and highly regarded of comics creators. Best known for his artwork on the legendary Watchmen, he has now drawn on his love of Mod culture to create an all-new, semi-autobiographical graphic novel. The story chronicles the struggles of two friends, Lel and Bok, in a strangely-familiar future, Dealing in classic teenage themes such as alienation, gangs, girls, drugs and violence, the centre of the struggle is the urgent need of the boys to join the coolest of the cool: the ice-cold gang called The Originals. Slapping the Mod movement into the face of the Austin Powers generation, this graphic novel certainly lives up to its name and is destined to become a classic!