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Titanic Tragedy: A New Look at the Lost Liner

Titanic Tragedy: A New Look at the Lost Liner

ISBN: 0393082407

Title: Titanic Tragedy: A New Look at the Lost Liner

Author: John Maxtone-Graham

KDL Description:

Providing biographical sketches of Guglielmo Marconi and Samuel Morse, whose inventions enabled wireless communication between ships; to the building of the ocean liner from shipyard to sea. There are no broadly drawn heroes or villains here, just people thrown into a desperate situation which they are horribly unprepared.

Amazon Description:

The dean of ocean liner historians uncovers fascinating and unknown aspects of this epic disaster. This is a book unlike any other. Rather than offering simply a detailed retelling of the Titanic sinking on her maiden voyage, John Maxtone-Graham devotes his considerable knowledge and impeccable prose to a discussion of salient, provocative, and rarely investigated components of the story, including dramatic survivors’ accounts of the events of the fateful night, the role of newly in-vented wireless telecommunication in the disaster, the construction and its ramifications at the famous Harland and Wolff shipyard in Belfast, and the dawn rendezvous with the rescue ship