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The Mysterium

The Mysterium

ISBN: 0312678193

Title: The Mysterium

Author: P. C. Doherty

KDL Description:


Investigating the February 1304 murder of the king’s disgraced Chief Justice, Sir Hugh Corbett sifts through clues to determine if the culprit is a vengeance-seeking adversary of the victim or a copycat killer.

Amazon Description:

In The Mysterium, a new installment in the “deliciously suspenseful” Hugh Corbett Medieval Mystery series by P.C. Doherty, Sir Hugh Corbett is ordered to investigate the murder of a Chief Justice in the King’s Court.

February 1304—London is in crisis. A succession of brutal murders shocks the city as it comes to terms with the fall from power of Walter Evesham, Chief Justice in the Court of the King’s Bench. Accused of bribery and corruption, Evesham has sought sanctuary to atone for his sins. When Evesham is discovered dead in his cell at the Abbey of Sion though, it appears that the Mysterium, a cunning killer brought to justice by Evesham, has returned to wreak havoc. Sir Hugh Corbett is ordered to investigate the murder. Has the Mysterium returned or is another killer imitating his brutal methods? As Corbett traces the ancient sins that hold the key to discovering the murderer’s identity he must face his most cunning foe yet.