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La's Orchestra Saves the World: A Novel

La's Orchestra Saves the World: A Novel

ISBN: 0307378381

Title: La's Orchestra Saves the World: A Novel

Author: Alexander McCall Smith

KDL Description:


Divorcee Lavender Stone flees World War II London and organizes an amateur orchestra that includes a talented Polish refugee who rekindles long-buried feelings.

Amazon Description:

From the best-selling author of The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency series comes a delightful and moving story that celebrates the healing powers of friendship and music.

It is 1939. Lavender—La to her friends—decides to flee London, not only to avoid German bombs but also to escape the memories of her shattered marriage. The peace and solitude of the small town she settles in are therapeutic . . . at least at first. As the war drags on, La is in need of some diversion and wants to boost the town’s morale, so she organizes an amateur orchestra, drawing musicians from the village and the local RAF base. Among the strays she corrals is Feliks, a shy, proper Polish refugee who becomes her prized recruit—and the object of feelings she thought she’d put away forever.

Does La’s orchestra save the world? The people who come to hear it think so. But what will become of it after the war is over? And what will become of La herself? And of La’s heart?

With his all-embracing empathy and his gentle sense of humor, Alexander McCall Smith makes of La’s life—and love—a tale to enjoy and cherish.