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Wild Horses (Sadie's Montana)

Wild Horses (Sadie's Montana)

ISBN: 9781561487363

Title: Wild Horses (Sadie's Montana)

Author: Linda Byler

KDL Description:

After her Amish family moves from Ohio to a new settlement in Montana, Sadie Miller copes with the loss of her favorite horse, faces the illness of a family member, and takes a job at a ranch where she meets a handsome stranger.

Amazon Description:

The Miller family’s move from Ohio to Montana was, for the most part, uneventful, except that Sadie Miller had to leave her beloved horse, the palomino named Paris. Still, she likes the Montana snows and her job at Aspen East Ranch serving the ranch hands.
Unexpectedly, Ezra appears, the man who seems to be perfect in every way and fully intends to marry Sadie. But does she love him back? And who is this fascinating Mark who helps to rescue a dying horse and shows up at the Amish hymn-sing though he is English? Why can’t she get his dark eyes and tall stature out of her mind?
Now Sadie’s own close-knit family is falling apart. Mam claims her head is cluttered and unclear, and she no longer trusts herself to make a chocolate cake from scratch or to cut Reuben’s hair in a straight line. The worst part is, Dat refuses to acknowledge Mam’s struggles.
Sadie finds some refuge in Nevaeh, a black and white paint. But when a dreadful accident involving wild horses occurs, Sadie must move forward into the unknown future.
Will Dat let Mam seek professional help? Will Mam be willing to go?
Will Mark be at the next hymn-sing? Is he Amish or English? Will he like her favorite pink dress?
Will she see the wild horses again? Why do these phantom-like animals take her breath away every time they appear on the horizon?