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Leah's Choice: Pleasant Valley Book One

Leah's Choice: Pleasant Valley Book One

ISBN: 0425230503

Title: Leah's Choice: Pleasant Valley Book One

Author: Marta Perry

KDL Description:

An Amish woman relies on her faith as she is courted by both Daniel Glick, widower and newcomer to Pleasant Valley, and Johnny Kile, her former fiance, who seeks reconciliation after choosing to leave the community.

Amazon Description:

The first of three Amish-set novels in which a woman?s faith must guide her through challenging times.

All of Pleasant Valley seems to think the newcomer from Lancaster County is the perfect match for Teacher Leah. After all, so few new families come to their separate Amish community, and fewer still unmarried men. Daniel Glick is a widower with three young children to look after?clearly he?s in need of a wife.

Daniel?s past haunts him. Though he cannot miss the beauty in Leah?s bright eyes and patient ways, he also sees a reminder of his pain-filled marriage. Leah, too, has a burden to bear. Years ago, she was engaged to Johnny Kile, and she was heartbroken when he decided to leave the Amish community. Since then she has immersed herself in teaching, forgetting any hopes of having her own family. When Johnny returns, seeking reconciliation, Leah must decide between two pathways, either of which will completely change her life.