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A Catered Valentine's Day (Mysteries with Recipes, No. 4)

A Catered Valentine's Day (Mysteries with Recipes, No. 4)

ISBN: 0758206895

Title: A Catered Valentine's Day (Mysteries with Recipes, No. 4)

Author: Isis Crawford

KDL Description:

Cupid couldn’t be any busier than caterers Bernadette and Libby Simmons on Valentine’s Day. This year, a fund raiser is taking up a lot of their time. And though love is in the air, so is murder.

Amazon Description:

Bernie and Libby, owners of A Taste of Heaven, are partnering up with the Just Chocolate store for a Valentine’s Day mega-event. When a client’s mother dies, Bernie and Libby put their plans on hold to attend the funeral, only to become involved in a grisly mystery. A corpse has been found…in someone else’s grave. The body belongs to Ted Gorman – the same Ted Gorman who co-owned Just Chocolate and supposedly died in a fiery car crash weeks earlier. Now, Bernie and Libby, working with Ted’s widow, must sort through a mixed box of dark financial scandal, sticky family ties, and bittersweet passion to unwrap a killer with a ruthless centre.