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Person or Persons Unknown (Rona Parish Mysteries)

Person or Persons Unknown (Rona Parish Mysteries)

ISBN: 0727862057

Title: Person or Persons Unknown (Rona Parish Mysteries)

Author: Anthea Fraser

KDL Description:


Biographer Rona Parish takes on a bizarre assignment when she’s approached by a young woman, Zara Crane, who asks Rona to find out who her father was. Zara’s mother was brutally murdered when Zara was a baby, but no one, including Zara’s adoptive parents, knows her father’s identity.

Amazon Description:

A new Rona Parish mystery. Rona Parish’s last assignment, a series of articles on the town of Buckford, is almost complete, when a young woman named Zara Crane approaches her with a request to help her trace her natural parents. Rona’s curiosity is aroused not least because she discovers that Zara’s birth mother had been murdered in her bath twenty-five years earlier. Though Rona’s husband Max and her friends do their best to dissuade her from getting involved in what they fear may turn out to be another dangerous case, Rona cannot resist the challenge. As she starts to trace people who may have known Zara’s parents, she finds herself having to deal at the same time with complications in her own life.