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Death on the Family Tree (Family Tree Mysteries, No. 1)

Death on the Family Tree (Family Tree Mysteries, No. 1)

ISBN: 0060819685

Title: Death on the Family Tree (Family Tree Mysteries, No. 1)

Author: Patricia Sprinkle

KDL Description:


After the death of her elderly Aunt Lucy, Katharine Murray discovers a priceless Celtic necklace and a mysterious diary written in German among her aunt’s miscellaneous possessions, and her search for the truth about the artifacts leads to the discovery of the fifty-year-old murder of Aunt Lucy’s brother Carter, the theft of the objects, and the killing of the prime suspect.

Amazon Description:

With grown-up kids and a husband always on the road, Katharine Murray’s nest would be empty if it weren’t for her Aunt Lucy—until the elderly woman dies. Now Katharine’s saddled with her Aunt’s worldly belongings—mostly knickknacks destined for the dumpster. But there’s a priceless Celtic necklace among the dross—and a diary written in German, neither of which Katharine’s ever seen before.

Determined to find out where these objects came from, Katharine unwittingly discovers a branch of her family tree she never knew existed—namely Aunt Lucy’s brother Carter, murdered more than fifty years ago after a mysterious trip to Austria. And when Lucy’s artifacts are stolen, and the main suspect turns up dead, Katharine realizes she must solve a burglary and two unsolved homicides separated by a half-century . . . before more than her family secrets end up dead and buried.