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Final Jeopardy (Alexandra Cooper Mysteries)

Final Jeopardy (Alexandra Cooper Mysteries)

ISBN: 0671010123

Title: Final Jeopardy (Alexandra Cooper Mysteries)

Author: Linda Fairstein

KDL Description:

Alexandra Cooper, Manhattan’s top sex crimes prosecutor, awakens to shocking news: a headline announcing her own murder. The actual victim is Isabella Lascar, a Hollywood film star. But was the killer originally after Cooper?

Amazon Description:

This critically acclaimed, explosive thriller is a book only prosecutor Linda Fairstein could write. Patricia Cornwall knows the morgue; John Grisham knows the courtroom; but no one knows the inner workings of the D.A.’s office like Linda Fairstein, renowned for two decades as head of Manhattan Sex Crimes Unit. Now that world comes vividly to life in a brilliant debut novel of shocking realism, powerful insight, and searing suspense.

Alexandra Cooper, Manhattan’s top sex crimes prosecutor, awakens one morning to shoking news: a tabloid headline announcing her own brutal murder. But the actual victim was Isabella Lascar, the Hollywood film star who sought refuge at Alex’s Martha’s Vineyard retreat. Was Isabella targeted by a stalker or—mistaken for Alex—was she in the wrong place at the wrong time? In an investigation that twists from the back alleys of lower Manhattan to the chic salons of the Upper East Side. Alex knows she’sin final jeopardy…and time is running out. She has to get into the killer’s head before the killer gets to her.