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Adrenaline (Sam Capra)

Adrenaline (Sam Capra)

ISBN: 0446575178

Title: Adrenaline (Sam Capra)

Author: Jeff Abbott

KDL Description:


When his pregnant wife and child are kidnapped and he discovers that he has been set up as a traitor, brilliant CIA agent Sam Capra begins a desperate hunt for the unknown enemy who he believes has targeted the wrong man.

Amazon Description:

This is the first in a compelling new series from the bestselling master of suspense, Jeff Abbott. Sam Capra is living the dream. He has a perfect job with the CIA, and a perfect wife, Lucy, who is pregnant with their first child. But one sunny day, Sam’s life changes forever. After narrowly avoiding an explosion, Sam wakes up in a prison cell. Adrenaline coursing through his veins, Sam enters a frantic race to survive, and discover the truth about those he thought he knew