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The Hand That Trembles: A Mystery

The Hand That Trembles: A Mystery

ISBN: 0312605056

Title: The Hand That Trembles: A Mystery

Author: Kjell Eriksson

KDL Description:


Years after the mysterious disappearance of a Swedish county commissioner, a veteran police officer stumbles on a seemingly unrelated case while Ann Lindell investigates the murder of a woman in a housing development populated by single men.

Amazon Description:

“Kjell Eriksson’s crime novels are among the very best.” Henning Mankell
A Swedish county commissioner walks out of a high-level meeting and disappears. Many years later, one of the town’s natives is convinced that he’s caught a glimpse of the missing man while traveling in Bangalore, India. When the rumors reach his hometown, a veteran police officer stumbles across a seemingly unrelated case. Ann Lindell, Eriksson’s series detective, must investigate a severed female foot found where a striking number of inhabitants are single men. But the owner of the house where the victim believed to have lived is no longer able to answer any questions….