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The Key

The Key

ISBN: 0062038346

Title: The Key

Author: Simon Toyne

KDL Description:


Liv Adamsen, unable to recall the events that transpired within the ancient walls of the Citadel, returns to America where she is reunited with Gabriel, a warrior for a group working to bring down the Sancti forever, and together they uncover a revelation dating back to the creation of man that holds the key to humankind’s survival.

Amazon Description:

Simon Toyne’s breathtaking international bestseller, Sanctus, had critics everywhere cheering, calling the author the new Dan Brown (The Da Vinci Code) or Steve Berry (The Jefferson Key), while praising Toyne’s debut thriller as “remarkable,” “thrilling,” “provocative,” “haunting,” and  “spectacular.”

The adventure continues with The Key, returning readers to the dark world of a sinister religious order older than Christianity and their Vatican-like secret citadel high in the Turkish mountains—as one courageous woman must fulfill an enigmatic prophecy that could determine the ultimate fate of humankind. James Rollins, Raymond Khoury, and Chris Kuzneski fans will not want to miss this one.