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At Risk

At Risk

ISBN: 9781400079810

Title: At Risk

Author: Stella Rimington

KDL Description:


A deadly terrorist threat draws British Intelligence Officer Liz Carlyle into a dangerous pursuit that will test her talents to the ultimate as she discovers that her unique ability to get inside the enemy’s head could be the only hope of averting a horrific disaster.
Liz Carlyle Series

Amazon Description:

A terrorist is targeting Britain. And to make matters worse it’s an “invisible” — someone traveling under a British passport. Virtually impossible to find before it’s too late.

The job falls to Liz Carlyle, the most resourceful counter-terror agent in British intelligence. Tracking down this invisible is a challenge like none she has faced before. It will require all her hard-won experience, to say nothing of her intelligence and courage. Drawing on her own years as Britain’s highest-ranking spy, Stella Rimington gives us a story that is smart, tautly drawn, and suspenseful from first to last.