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Most Wanted

Most Wanted

ISBN: 006072398X

Title: Most Wanted

Author: Michele Martinez

KDL Description:


Federal prosecutor Melanie Vargas becomes involved in the murder case of a wealthy former colleague and finds herself mysteriously drawn to an attractive, secretive FBI agent assigned to the case.
Melanie Vargas Series

Amazon Description:

In this stunning, scary and sexy debut thriller, a young prosecutor is in a wild race against the clock to solve a brutal Park Avenue murder before the killer comes after her.

Melanie Vargas is a fearless, hardworking federal prosecutor in New York City with a rising career, a new baby and a troubled marriage. On an innocent evening stroll, Melanie stumbles across a horrifying crime scene: a wealthy former prosecutor from her office has been brutally murdered. It’s the high-profile, headline-grabbing crime of the year, and Melanie wants in. But what she doesn’t realize is that this opportunity will bring her dangerously close to a sexy, hard-to-resist FBI agent who may have secrets of his own. And—ultimately—into a race for her life with a dark, sadistic killer who seems to be one step ahead of her every inch of the way.

Most Wanted is the thrilling new novel that has already garnered rave reviews from today’s masters of suspense.