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I Am Not Myself These Days: A Memoir

I Am Not Myself These Days: A Memoir

ISBN: 0060817321

Title: I Am Not Myself These Days: A Memoir

Author: Josh Kilmer-Purcell

KDL Description:


By day, Josh drudges off to a Soho-based advertising firm. At night, he dons live goldfish to complete the look of Aqua, a 7-foot-tall award-winning drag queen who trolls gay clubs in search of her next drink/one night stand. In between, he spends his time trying to build a stable, loving relationship with his distracted partner.

Amazon Description:

I Am Not Myself These Days follows a glittering journey through Manhattan’s dark underbelly—a shocking and surreal world where alter egos reign and subsist (barely) on dark wit and chemicals…a tragic romantic comedy where one begins by rooting for the survival of the relationship and ends by hoping someone simply survives. Kilmer-Purcell is a terrifically gifted new literary voice who straddles the divide between absurdity and normalcy, and stitches them together with surprising humor and lonely poignancy. As Booklist raved “as tart and funny as a Noel Coward play, for Kilmer-Purcell is especially good at dialogue, and, as in Coward’s best plays, under the comedy lies the sad truth that even at our best, we are all weak, fallible fools. Again and again in this rich, adventure-filled book, Kilmer-Purcell illustrates the truth of Blake’s proverb, ‘The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom.’”