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Dead Guy's Stuff: A Jane Wheel Mystery

Dead Guy's Stuff: A Jane Wheel Mystery

ISBN: 0312986807

Title: Dead Guy's Stuff: A Jane Wheel Mystery

Author: Sharon Fiffer

KDL Description:

Antique “picker” Jane Wheel is making a career out of going through old stuff. When she finds a whole room full of saloon items from the Chicago area 1950’s, Jane makes a gruesome discovery. Packed between the glassware and bowling trophies and old photographs, she uncovers one highly personal, unusual and creepy collectible that she is sure the saloon keeper would have preferred to have kept to himself.

Amazon Description:

From Bakelite jewelry to jadeite dishes, antiques “picker” Jane Wheel has a knack for hunting down vintage collectibles. And when a Chicago estate sale yields a room full of dusty tavern memorabilia, she hits pay dirt once again. Most of this “dead guy’s stuff” is just perfect for decorating her parents’ newly renovated bar & grill in Kankakee, Illinois. Most of this stuff…except for the finger pickled in a jar of formaldehyde.

Uncertain what to do about the mysterious “body part,” Jane asks former homicide detective Bruce Oh to see if the detached digit is connected to a crime. Meanwhile she is carting her tavern treasures down to Kankakee unaware that her hometown’s darkest secrets are buried in her boxes…or that her talent for finding things will lead to a corpse, a kidnapping, and a chilling threat to those she loves most….