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The Sandpiper

The Sandpiper

ISBN: 0989287408

Title: The Sandpiper

Author: Susan Brace Lovell

KDL Description:


Nestled in the safe haven of The Sandpiper, a white-shingled cottage perched above the endless blue of Lake Michigan, Nina Judd has always been the guardian angel of the three Cameron women: sisters Kate and Jamie and their widowed mother, Ellie. Embraced by The Sandpiper and Nina’s love, two sisters finally share their secrets and struggle toward forgiveness and healing.

Amazon Description:

The Sandpiper is about the three Cameron women. Kate the perfect older sister. Jamie the screw-up. Their widowed mother Ellie. It’s about Nina Judd, their guardian angel, the novel’s heartbeat. Kate had the chance to know their father Dr. James. But Jamie was born too late. Sisters by birth. Sisters in loyalty sanctified by a blood oath. Two bright, pretty women full of promise. Then something happens the summer Jamie turns 18 that ruins everything. And maybe Kate’s not so perfect after all, Jamie not so hopeless. Embraced by The Sandpiper, Nina’s white-shingled cottage above the endless blue of Lake Michigan, the sisters struggle toward forgiveness, toward healing. That love is all there is Is all we know of love. -Emily Dickinson