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Polar Bear Morning

Polar Bear Morning

ISBN: 9780439698856

Title: Polar Bear Morning

Author: Lauren Thompson

KDL Description:


A little polar bear cub ventures out of her den for the first time and meets a new friend.

Amazon Description:

A polar bear cub explores her artic world and finds something new—a friend. Companion to New York Times Best Illustratedbook /New York Times bestselling book.

On a chill, bright morning, a polar bear cub awakes inside her cozy den. She hears the seagulls’ far-away calls and clambers out into the day.

Suddenly a snowy something tumbles down a little snow hill. She sees a snowy face, snowy paws, and snowy fur. What can it be?

Thrilling words and glowing pictures make this morning-time tale of first friendship as satisfying as a warm hug.