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Time-Out for Sophie

Time-Out for Sophie

ISBN: 0670785113

Title: Time-Out for Sophie

Author: Rosemary Wells

KDL Description:


Although Sophie wants to be helpful and good, sometimes she ignores her mother, father and grandmother and must have a time-out.

Amazon Description:

Sophie means to be a good little mouse, but she just can’t resist testing the limits with her patient parents and grandmother.

Eat supper? More fun to throw it on the floor.
Fold the laundry? More fun to knock over the pile.
Read with Grandma? More fun to steal her glasses.
And then it’s time out for Sophie!

Rosemary Wells has created a memorable new character, ready to take her place next to Max and Ruby, Yoko, and Noisy Nora. Sophie’s adorable antics will strike a chord with children and parents alike.