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Horsefly and Honeybee

Horsefly and Honeybee

ISBN: 9780805093001

Title: Horsefly and Honeybee

Author: Randy Cecil

KDL Description:


Honeybee and Horsefly have a fight that results in each of them losing a wing and being forced to walk, but when they are both captured by hungry Bullfrog their only hope of escape is to work together.

Amazon Description:

When Honeybee decides to take a nap in the same flower as Horsefly, trouble ensues! They don’t want to share, and after quarrelling, run away in opposite directions. But it isn’t long until they meet again… They have both been captured by hungry Bullfrog! If Horsely and Honeybee are to escape before dinnertime, they must find a way to work together.
With beautiful illustrations and simple text, this is a sweet story about sharing and friendship.