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No Go Sleep!

No Go Sleep!

ISBN: 1442416831

Title: No Go Sleep!

Author: Kate Feiffer

KDL Description:


A baby does not want to go to sleep, even as everything else around her wishes her a good night.

Amazon Description:

A baby—finally—falls asleep with the rest of the world in this soothing picture book from Kate and Jules Feiffer.

And the sun said,

“I’ve gone for the day.

When you wake up,

I’ll be back to play.”

Even though the stars are out and the moon is bright, the baby says, “No, go, sleep!” But as the world around the baby gradually goes to sleep—first the sun, then the moon, then the sheep, tree, and owl—the baby finally, finally, finally falls asleep too. Lyrically written, this lulling text, paired with soothing art, will put even the youngest reader in the mood to visit dreamland.