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The Dunderheads Behind Bars

The Dunderheads Behind Bars

ISBN: 9780763645434

Title: The Dunderheads Behind Bars

Author: Paul Fleischman

KDL Description:


The Dunderheads—a gang of misfits with unique and unusual talents—come to the aid of one of their own when Spider is falsely arrested for stealing jewelry.

Amazon Description:

Everyone’s favorite underdogs are back! Can they land work on a movie set — and foil a cat burglar — with their unusual and motley skills?

School is out for the summer, and the Dunderheads are finally rid of the awful Miss Breakbone. Or so they thought! Teen star Ashley Throbb-Hart is shooting a movie nearby, and who should show up as an extra but their formidable former teacher! She’s not the only Breakbone on the scene, either; after a string of burglaries strikes town, Miss Breakbone steers her barrel-chested brother, Police Chief Breakbone, toward those meddling, good-for-nothing Dunderheads. And when Spider ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time, the blowhard chief has all the evidence he needs to lock him up. Can Einstein, Wheels, Nails, Spitball, Google-Eyes, Clips, Junkyard, Pencil, and Hollywood combine their talents to catch the real criminal before they join their friend behind bars? Newbery Medalist Paul Fleischman and illustrator David Roberts reunite for a delightfully triumphant sequel to The Dunderheads.