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Max Finder Mystery Collected Casebook

Max Finder Mystery Collected Casebook

ISBN: 9781926973210

Title: Max Finder Mystery Collected Casebook

Author: Craig Battle

KDL Description:


Ten comics and two short solve-it-yourself mysteries starrting junior high detectives Max Finder, Alison Santos, and forensics-expert Zoe Palgrave.

Amazon Description:

The sixth volume in this award-winning graphic novel series features ten new mystery comics and two never-before-published short stories by OWL Magazine editor, Craig Battle.

Each solve-it-yourself story stars amateur detective Max Finder and his best friend, aspiring journalist Alison Santos. Seventh graders at Central Meadows Junior High, these two intrepid investigators must call upon their reason, memory, critical thinking, and observation skills to crack each case before them. Who is stealing all the bikes from the skate park? Who uprooted the Green Thumb Club’s school garden? And why did someone toilet-paper the new girl’s house? Readers can decipher the clues for themselves and draw their own conclusions — before the true culprit is revealed.

Bonus content unique to this volume includes a “usual suspects” style introduction to all the recurring characters and a how-to guide for planning a mystery detective party for home or school — extras that are sure to intrigue veteran and new readers alike!