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Stone Rabbit #7: Dragon Boogie

Stone Rabbit #7: Dragon Boogie

ISBN: 0375869123

Title: Stone Rabbit #7: Dragon Boogie

Author: Erik Craddock

KDL Description:


When a storm cuts off the electricity, Stone Rabbit, Henri, and Andy start playing a board game using strange dice that Henri “found,” and soon they are trapped in the game and must defeat an evil Dark Lord in order to get home.

Amazon Description:

With a roll of some enchanted dice, Stone Rabbit and his friends are unwittingly transported to a medieval realm filled with nerdy knights, wacky wizards, and deranged dragons! Will our long-eared hero be able to complete his noble quest and escape the fiery lair of the beast? Or will he end up eternally lost in the dungeons of despair?

Dragon Boogie is the seventh book in a full-color series of riotous, rip-roaring graphic novels that chronicles the zany of adventures of a quick-tempered and quick-witted young rabbit. Its fast pace and outrageously high visual content will appeal to thrill-seeking young readers everywhere!