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Geek Magnet

Geek Magnet

ISBN: 0399247602

Title: Geek Magnet

Author: Kieran Scott

KDL Description:

Teen Scott

Amazon Description:

Everyone loves KJ Miller, especially the geeks. She’s pretty, smart, and super nice to everyone, which has made her the geek pied piper of Washington High. If only Cameron, the star of the basketball team, would follow her around and worship her the way her dorky entourage does.

As the stage manager of the spring musical, Grease, KJ has to deal with a few geeks, but she also gets to hang out with Tama, queen of the popular crowd and star of the play. Tama has the solution to all of KJ’s problems: get cruel. After all, the nice girl never gets the guy. Can KJ actually pull off a transformation into a mean girl?