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Chanda's Wars

Chanda's Wars

ISBN: 0060872624

Title: Chanda's Wars

Author: Allan Stratton

KDL Description:


After her brother and sister are kidnapped by a brutal cult and taken away to the bush for training as child soldiers of the Rwandan genocide, Chanda is resolute in her decision to risk her own life and freedom in order to bring them back to their rightful home.

Amazon Description:

She promised her mama she’d keep them safe.

It’s been six months since Mama died, and Chanda is struggling to raise her little brother and sister. Determined to end a family feud, she takes them to her relatives’ remote rural village.

But across the nearby border, a brutal civil war is spreading. Rebels led by the ruthless General Mandiki attack at night, stealing children. All that separates Chanda from the horror is a stretch of rugged bush and a national park alive with predators. Soon, not even that. Before she knows it, Chanda must face the unthinkable, with a troubled young tracker as her unlikely ally.

Chanda’s Wars is the unforgettable story of a teenager who risks everything to save her brother and sister. Epic in its sweep, intimate in its humanity, here is a gripping tale of family intrigue, love and courage, forgiveness and hope.