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The Complete History of Why I Hate Her

The Complete History of Why I Hate Her

ISBN: 0689878001

Title: The Complete History of Why I Hate Her

Author: Jennifer Richard Jacobson

KDL Description:


Seventeen-year-old Nola wants a break from being known only for her sister’s cancer, so she leaves Boston for a waitressing job at a summer resort in Maine, but soon feels like her new best friend is taking over her life.

Amazon Description:

Nola wants nothing more than a summer on her own—and a job at an upscale Maine coast resort sounds ideal. Waitressing three meals a day, but lots of beach time in between, some freedom from her big-sister role to Song, who is undergoing chemo back home in Massachusetts, the chance to make some friends. Enter Carly, the perfect pal, full of jokes, ideas, energy—and experienced at being away from her mysterious family. But Carly is much more complicated than the usual summer buddy—a border-line personality who can turn on Nola in a flash, who can make “love” a rivalry, something that, even at a distance, Song becomes ensnared in. Here is a dramatic look at a girl/girl teen dynamic. To say nothing of boys.