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It's a Curl Thing (Divine and Friends)

It's a Curl Thing (Divine and Friends)

ISBN: 1416598782

Title: It's a Curl Thing (Divine and Friends)

Author: Jacquelin Thomas

KDL Description:


While Rhyann is working as a shampoo girl to pay off her bill for having a very bad haircut and dye-job fixed at the salon Divine and Mimi use, she meets a special person who challenges, inspires, and changes her forever.

Amazon Description:

These girlfriends get through bad hair days together—and anything else that life in L.A. throws at them!

When Hollywood princess Divine Matthews-Hardison left the fast lane behind, the one thing she missed was her friends back home in Los Angeles! Now, get to know one of Divine’s best gal pals….

Rhyann Hamilton could not be more jazzed for her sophomore prom. The big event is one day away, and getting prepped is a family affair: thanks to her aunt’s designing magic, she’s got a dreamy Valentino look-alike gown, and her sister Tameka’s doing her hair. But something goes terribly wrong—and Rhyann’s hair color is a total disaster! An emergency trip to a luxury salon saves the day, but how will Rhyann pay for the high-priced appointment? Thanks to the kindhearted owner, working at the salon becomes more than just a way to pay a debt—for Rhyann is about to discover how beautiful things can happen when your heart is open, and how one bad hair day can be a blessing in disguise.