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Tsubasa: Those with Wings Volume 1

Tsubasa: Those with Wings Volume 1

ISBN: 9781427814289

Title: Tsubasa: Those with Wings Volume 1

Author: Natsuki Takaya

KDL Description:


Kotobuki, an ex-thief, and her former commander Raimon, are recruited for their skills by people seeking the Tsubasa, a legendary object that grants wishes.

Amazon Description:

This tale is set in a war-torn 22nd century mysteriously similar to Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, where luxury and amenities are reserved for the upper classes. The common people live for the legend of the Tsubasa, a magical glowing object said to grant wishes to all who see it—not unlike the dragon in Dragonball. To add to the pastiche of clichés, heroine Kotobuki the thief is monkeylike, similar to Goku. Despite the epic setting, much of the story focuses on Kotobuki’s hackneyed romance with Raimon, a genius who dropped out of a prestigious army position in order to date her. The slow-building junior high–like romance ties together a series of nearly unrelated episodes. Two-thirds of the way through, the book has a satisfying ending, yet the story continues.