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Ostrich Boys

Ostrich Boys

ISBN: 9780375858437

Title: Ostrich Boys

Author: Keith Gray

KDL Description:


After their best friend Ross dies in an accident, three teen boys take matters into their own hands. The bumbling and hypocritical efforts of the community to mourn and remember their friend inspire the boys to steal Ross’ ashes and take them on a road trip to remember. A wild journey follows, including lost money and train tickets, bungee jumping, hitchhiking and finally figuring out what really happened to Ross.

Amazon Description:

Ross is dead, and Blake, Sim, and Kenny are furious. To make it right, they steal Ross’s ashes and set out from their home on the English coast for the tiny village of Ross in southern Scotland, a place their friend had always wanted to go. What follows is an unforgettable journey with illegal train rides, bungee jumping, girls, and high-speed police chases—all with Ross’s ashes along for the ride. As events spin wildly out of control, the three friends must take their heads out of the sand long enough to answer the question: What really happened to Ross?

Keith Gray is an award-winning author from the United Kingdom, making his U.S. debut with this action-packed and darkly humorous novel about friendship and loss.