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Lost for Words

Lost for Words

ISBN: 9780061429224

Title: Lost for Words

Author: Alice Kuipers

KDL Description:


Sophie’s older sister Emily died during summer vacation. When she eventually returns to her London school, sixteen-year-old Sophie feels isolated from her old friends and distant with her mother. Finally taking the advice of her counselor and with the encouragement of Rosa-Leigh, the new girl at school, Sophie begins trying to express the emotions and guilt that have absorbed her life.

Amazon Description:

My New Year’s resolution: I’m moving on from everything that’s happened. I’m not going to talk about it, think about it, let the memory pounce upon me like a waiting tiger, nothing.

All Sophie wants to do is forget. But it’s not easy now that everything’s changed. The house feels too big, school drags on for too long, lights are too bright, the room spins, and her hands get sweaty for no reason. And she can’t remember why she was ever best friends with Abigail, who is obsessed with parties and boys. Only the new girl, Rosa-Leigh, with her prose poems and utter confidence, might understand. But talking to her seems impossible.

Lost in memories of the life she once had, Sophie retreats into herself. But there’s only so long she can keep everything bottled up inside before she explodes. Maybe by confronting the tragedy of her past she’ll figure out how to fix her future.