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After Ever After

After Ever After

ISBN: 9780439837064

Title: After Ever After

Author: Jordan Sonnenblick

KDL Description:


Cancer survivor Jeffrey is trying to get through the eighth grade like any other “normal” kid. The effects of his leukemia treatment have left him with a pronounced limp and difficulty processing information, particularly math. Jeff’s best friend, wheelchair-bound Tad, offers to help him pass the state test. In return, Jeff will get Tad in shape so he can walk across the stage at graduation.

Amazon Description:

Jeffrey isn’t a little boy with cancer anymore. He’s a teen who’s in remission, but life still feels fragile. The aftereffects of treatment have left Jeffrey with an inability to be a great student or to walk without limping. His parents still worry about him. His older brother, Steven, lost it and took off to Africa to be in a drumming circle and “find himself.” Jeffrey has a little soul searching to do, too, which begins with his escalating anger at Steven, an old friend who is keeping something secret, and a girl who is way out of his league but who thinks he’s cute.