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The Vampire's Photograph (Oliver Nocturne #1)

The Vampire's Photograph (Oliver Nocturne #1)

ISBN: 0545058015

Title: The Vampire's Photograph (Oliver Nocturne #1)

Author: Kevin Emerson

KDL Description:


Oliver, a young vampire, discovers that he is a little more human than his vampire family and classmates.

Amazon Description:

A compelling new take on contemporary fantasy & vampire stories with a new kind of hero, torn between dark and light, on a quest to discover the truth about his origins and his significance.

Oliver Nocturne has a fairly typical childhood – for a vampire. But Oliver is different from those around him – his gore-loving vampire schoolmates, his loving vampire parents, and his obnoxious older brother, Bane. That’s because, unbeknownst to Oliver, he’s a little more human than the rest of them. When Emalie, an artistic and defiant human girl with a troubled past, unknowingly takes a picture of him, its sets them both off on a quest to uncover his true origins and the special purpose the vampire world has in store for him.