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The Lab

The Lab

ISBN: 9780545068604

Title: The Lab

Author: Jack Heath

KDL Description:


Agent Six of Hearts is the strongest, most effective agent in the Deck, a team of special agents fighting to uphold justice in a completely corrupt world. Six would be invincible if not for a deadly secret. He is the product of an illegal experiment by the Lab. When the Deck begins to investigate the Lab, Six walks a tightrope between his two worlds, trying to keep his origin secret. But then he meets Kyntak, a boy whose past equals his own.

Amazon Description:

In a near-future world run by an evil corporation, the only justice comes from an organization called the Deck. Each agent in the deck belongs to a suit—the Hearts and Diamonds are the operatives, the Clubs do the training, and the Spades monitor internal affairs. The hero is a 16-yr-old, Six of Hearts. (The highest ranking in each group is the King, and so forth, with the whole shebang led by the two Jokers). Six of Hearts is the best operative they have—all the more impressive (and convenient for us) because he never kills anyone.