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Mira, Mirror

Mira, Mirror

ISBN: 0670059234

Title: Mira, Mirror

Author: Mette Harrison

KDL Description:


Long after the disappearance of Snow White’s stepmother, the witch trapped in her mirror manipulates a desperate peasant and a merchant’s daughter to seek the magic she needs to gain her freedom, but the girls show her a power far greater.

Amazon Description:

Two sisters. One a witch and a queen. The other transformed by her sister’s touch into a mirror—a mirror with voice and memory and magic, but no power to transform herself back to the girl she once was. And then, mysteriously, the queen disappears and another girl finds the mirror. This girl has troubles of her own, but she is also a means to escape and soon the girl and the mirror are on their way to find the magic that will bring both pain and hope to both of them. Mette Harrison’s mesmerizing voice spins a breathtaking tale of love, lies, and redemption.