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Over in Australia: Amazing Animals Down Under

Over in Australia: Amazing Animals Down Under

ISBN: 1584691352

Title: Over in Australia: Amazing Animals Down Under

Author: Marianne Berkes

KDL Description:


A counting book in rhyme presents various Australian animals and their offspring, from a mother crocodile and her “little hatchling one” to a huge father emu and his “little chicks ten.” Includes related facts and activities.

Amazon Description:

In the Down Under continent, baby wallabies learn to hop, brolgas learn to dance, and emus learn
to zig-zag and children will want to hop, dance, and zig-zag right along with the amazing animals
of Australia. As with all of Marianne Berkes award-winning Over books, children will also want to sing, clap and count to the rhyme of Over in the Meadow as they learn about wallabies, koalas, wombats, and more. What an easy, fun way to learn about these endearing, unique Australian animals! Jill Dubin s cut-paper illustrations add to the fun.