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Animal Eggs

Animal Eggs

ISBN: 0979745535

Title: Animal Eggs

Author: Dawn Cusick,Joanne O'Sullivan

KDL Description:


Explores the different types of animal eggs, from insects to reptiles, fish, and birds, and describes how different adult animals care for their eggs and the strange places they place them.

Amazon Description:

Kids who like animals will love Animal Eggs! Discover amazing colors and dozens of shapes and sizes—pink, yellow, orange, red, purple eggs, spotted eggs, speckled eggs, see-through eggs, and so many more. Explore dozens of wild and wonderful ways animals protect their eggs: male fish that protect hundreds of eggs in their mouths, female turtles that make elaborate nests on seashores, and female spiders that spin a silk ball around their eggs and carry the ball with them everywhere. Marvel at the surprising places some animals lay their eggs—in fruit, on the bodies of other animals, and even in dog poop!—so the baby animals have food to eat from the minute they hatch. Discover the tricks used by snakes, mammals, and bugs to steal eggs from other animals. Features a dazzling variety of animals, including snakes, amphibians, insects, spiders, crustaceans, fish, birds, and even mammals, all in four-color photography. Includes glossary and index.