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Attack and Defense

Attack and Defense

ISBN: 0753467232

Title: Attack and Defense

Author: Kathy Riley

KDL Description:


Marvel at the amazing strategies animals deploy to track, catch, and kill their prey and how they defend themselves from attack.

Amazon Description:

The leading media brand for all things animal, this is an exciting and innovative book program that continues to deliver engaging, high-quality information about the animal kingdom. Launched in 1997, Animal Planet today has a unique global reach. It is broadcast in more than 96 million US households and 165 other countries, in 24 languages.
Come face to face with the record breakers of the animal kingdom in this lavishly illustrated new series. Each title features more than 200 of the world’s most extraordinary animals and their sometimes-bizarre behavior.  Marvel at the amazing strategies animals deploy to track, catch and kill their prey; how they defend themselves from attack; how they rear their young, survive in extreme temperatures, and adapt to life in the ocean’s depths.