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Let Me Bee

Let Me Bee

ISBN: 0980016215

Title: Let Me Bee

Author: Vanita Oelschlager

KDL Description:


A fear of bees keeps a young boy inside and away from the natural world. But then he talks to a bee and learns a little bit about how dangerous he looks when seen through a bee’s eyes. This is an excellent guide to overcoming phobias.

Amazon Description:

Let Me Bee is about unfounded fear and how children can reduce these anxieties as they learn and understand more about the source of their alarm. A little boy is, understandably, afraid of bees. “You don’t know how I feel when I see a bee and it seems like they always come straight after me!” But the bee responds, “I’m no wasp or hornet, I’m a sweet honeybee. I don’t think you’re seeing the actual me.” The dialogue continues as the boy and the bee learn about each other with Mom helping our little boy understand that there are many places to learn about bees and how they help us and overcome his fear.