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Bee & Me: A Mini-Motion Book

Bee & Me: A Mini-Motion Book

ISBN: 0740793624

Title: Bee & Me: A Mini-Motion Book

Author: Elle J. Mcguinness

KDL Description:


When a young boy discovers a bee trapped in his bedroom, he hides for fear of being stung. But when the amiable bee frantically explains all that bees do, the boy comes to understand how good things come in different packages.

Amazon Description:

The New York Times bestselling Bee & Me, in a new mini-Animotion format.

Just like the New York Times bestselling Bee and Me, the mini abridged Bee and Me is filled with all of the action of AniMotion windows, and the same great story and pictures that have won the hearts of legions of kids and parents all across the country. The heart of the book is a sweet tale teaching kids the important roll bees play in nature. This new smaller format is ideal for younger children and smaller hands.
“A beautiful, heart-warming book that helps children (and adults) understand how essential bees are to the planet.”—GreenMuse.com

Bee and Me makes a great read for any budding environmentalist. Highly recommended.”—Eco Mamas Guide to Living Green