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A Dinosaur Called Tiny

A Dinosaur Called Tiny

ISBN: 9780061366338

Title: A Dinosaur Called Tiny

Author: Alan Durant

KDL Description:


Tiny the small dinosaur hatches from a large egg. He’s too small to join the other dinosaurs in games. But when one of the dinosaurs is in trouble, Tiny goes to the rescue.

Amazon Description:

Meet Tiny—the pint-sized, prehistoric hero! He may be very small, but he’s got a very big heart! When Tiny the dinosaur hatches out of a great, big egg, no one can believe their eyes! he is so small! Tiny grows—a little—and tries to make friends with the other young dinosaurs but they laugh and say that he isn’t big enough to play their games. But what Tiny lacks in size, he more than makes up for in spirit!