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The Perfect Pony

The Perfect Pony

ISBN: 9780803728516

Title: The Perfect Pony

Author: Kimberly Brubaker Bradley

KDL Description:


While searching for a sleek, fast, and spirited pony to own, a young girl comes to realize that the “perfect” pony is actually very different.

Amazon Description:

Katie’s very first word was pony, and ever since, she has dreamed of having her own sleek, spirited, perfect pony. So when Mom says that it’s finally time to start looking for one, she finds it hard to be patient. As she and Mom visit barns, Katie looks at each pony and wonders, Is this the one? But the first is too nervous, and others too stubborn, too scary, too old. Then Katie meets a round, filthy little pony with a coat as shaggy as a bear. But there’s something special about him . . .

No horse-lover will be able to resist this warm, genuine story with the ultimate happy ending.