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Mustang Canyon

Mustang Canyon

ISBN: 0763615544

Title: Mustang Canyon

Author: Jonathan London

KDL Description:


A young mustang is separated from its mother when a plane sweeps over the canyon and the horses run from the noise.

Amazon Description:

What could be more thrilling than to run with a band of wild mustangs – and to share Little Pinto’s struggle to survive?

Deep in the heart of the canyon, a little pinto is born. In just three weeks he and his band of mustangs are ready to travel on. Danger is always lurking, so Old White Face stands guard – ready to sound a warning to flee when a plane swoops overhead. Little Pinto struggles to keep up, but as the herd pounds through the canyon, he stumbles. . . .

Jonathan London’s spare, dramatic text whisks readers into the midst
of a thundering band of mustangs, while an afterword focuses on their
remarkable history and their protection by Congress since 1971. With
Daniel San Souci’s watercolors capturing every flurry of hooves and toss
of the mane, this is a story to captivate anyone who loves horses –
and everyone who treasures the ever-diminishing natural world.