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Mrs. Mack

Mrs. Mack

ISBN: 0399231676

Title: Mrs. Mack

Author: Patricia Polacco

KDL Description:


The author remembers the summer when she was ten years old and staying with her father in Michigan where she took riding lessons and became best friends with a perfect horse.

Amazon Description:

Patricia is thrilled when her father decides that she’s finally old enough to learn to ride. But her dreams of having a beautiful horse of her own are dashed when he takes her to a stable in Dogpatch, the rundown section of town. Patricia is sure that she’ll never learn anything in a place like that. But it’s in Dogpatch that Patricia meets two individuals-kind, patient Mrs. Mack and a glorious chestnut mare named Penny-who help her overcome her fears, and change her life forever. Powerfully written, beautifully told, and brought to life with rich watercolor illustrations, this is a story that will touch the heart of everyone who reads it.


A Smithsonian Magazine Notable Book of the Year