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Saving Mr Nibbles (Elliot's Park)

Saving Mr Nibbles (Elliot's Park)

ISBN: 9780545019309

Title: Saving Mr Nibbles (Elliot's Park)

Author: Patrick Carman

KDL Description:


Elliot the squirrel and his friends try to rescue a toy squirrel from a little boy’s house.

Amazon Description:

Welcome to Elliot’s Park! The wild and wacky adventures of a curious young squirrel named Elliot, and the friends who help him solve really big problems.

Mister Nibbles has been captured and taken to the yellow house across the street from Elliot’s park! Squirrels aren’t meant to live indoors (not even stuffed ones like Mister Nibbles), so Elliot and his friends come up with a plan to rescue their new friend. It’s going to take a lot of teamwork. Can Elliot, Crash, Chip, and Twitch save Mister Nibbles before it’s too late?