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Max Spaniel: Dinosaur Hunt

Max Spaniel: Dinosaur Hunt

ISBN: 9780545057486

Title: Max Spaniel: Dinosaur Hunt

Author: David Catrow

KDL Description:


Max Spaniel searches for dinosaurs in his back yard.

Amazon Description:

Bestselling illustrator David Catrow has written and illustrated an easy-to-read story about a hilarious hound dog!

Max Spaniel is a daffy hound dog who one day decides to go on a dinosaur dig. But what Max thinks are dinosaur parts is just a lot of junk—or is it? As Max puts his fossils together, readers will see how the random objects Max finds—including a football, a hockey stick, and an old boot—transform into a living dino!

New readers will laugh out loud as they follow the fantastical thoughts of this wacky hound. The ingenious story, by David Catrow, is easy to read with lots of visual humor.