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No Dogs Allowed!

No Dogs Allowed!

ISBN: 9780060753535

Title: No Dogs Allowed!

Author: Anne Davis

KDL Description:


Bud the cat is not happy when his feline companion Gabby befriends a dog.

Amazon Description:

Feline friends Bud and Gabby are back! But this time—and much to Bud’s dismay—there’s a dog in the picture. The dog’s name is Cookie, and although fun-loving Gabby enjoys Cookie’s company, grouchy Bud does not. In fact, Bud gets so fed up with Cookie that he kicks her out of the house. “No dogs allowed!” he declares. But when a big black rain cloud approaches and Gabby looks worried, will Bud have a change of heart?

Greeting card artist Anne Davis offers sly humor and bold, expressive art in a story that is pitch-purrfect in every way.