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Dodsworth in New York (A Dodsworth Book)

Dodsworth in New York (A Dodsworth Book)

ISBN: 9780618777082

Title: Dodsworth in New York (A Dodsworth Book)

Author: Tim Egan

KDL Description:


When Dodsworth sets out for adventure, including a stop in New York City before going to Paris, London, and beyond, he does not expect a crazy duck to stow away in his suitcase and lead him on a merry chase.

Amazon Description:

Dodsworth wanted adventure. He wanted to see the world. He especially wanted to visit New York City. What he didn’t want was to be joined by a duck. A crazy duck. A duck that misbehaves. Young readers will laugh out loud at the duck’s silly antics as Dodsworth has the unexpected adventure of his life in the Big Apple . . . and beyond.